this will help us be more informed of a matter, that i think maybe neither of us have ever looked at carefully, thus resulting in an argument where neither of us have sufficient basis to really convince the other

a few seconds agoKurt Gonnerman
"Hadeeth and Sunnah: The term Hadeeth has become a synonym for the term Sunnah, though there is some difference in their meanings. Sunnah, according to Arabic lexicographers, means ‘a way; course; rule; manner of acting or conduct of life’. Sunnah, as a technical term in the Science of Hadeeth, refers to whatever statements, acts, approvals, physical or character descriptions that are attributable to the Prophet (pbuh) along with his biography before or after the beginning of his prophet hood. It is thus synonymous with the term Hadeeth. However, according to Usool al-Fiqh science (legal methodology), Sunnah refers to only the statements, acts and approvals of the Prophet (PBUH). It also refers to whatever is supported by evidence from the sharee‘ah (Islamic laws); the opposite of bid‘ah (innovation). And in the Legalistic science of Fiqh the term Sunnah refers to recommended acts. The Examples of different types of Sunnah as per Science of Hadith could be seen below,"

assalamu alaikum wa ramatullah wa barakatuh, actually the sunnah can be used in every aspect of life, including when you are feeling you have a life threatening illness, and your means of survival because of funds, are those of the 1st century of Islam, which only a week or so prior to my illness, i had been reading about the illness which eventually led to the death of the Prophet (pbuh) in the Sahih Muslim collection, when there is a string of ahadith referring to the passing on of the leading of prayer to Abu Bakr. (i was reading) the Prophet kept fainting, and the people were waiting for the prayer, and he repeatedly kept saying draw up a bath, and when he attempted to get out of the bath again, he would again faint, and this happened 3 or 4 times according to the hadith if Allah has retained my memory of the string of ahadith i was referring to. So it did remind me if you feel like you are dying, at least draw up a bath, and then there is some relief, but just knowing that was the response to that situation in that era..i wouldn’t have learned how to get through this illness with the Qur’an, only with the remedies in ahadith, (of Al-Bukhari and Muslim)